WorleyParsons Corporate Profile Infographics. Designed by Danling Xiao.

WorleyParsons – Various Projects

About WorleyParsons:

– One of world’s largest provider of project delivery and consulting services to the resources and energy sectors.

– An ASX50 company with revenue of A$7,627 million (Aug 2013).

- The company is comprised of four sectors – hydrocarbons; power; infrastructure; minerals, metals & chemicals.

– Size: approx. 37,800 employees in 148 offices in 44 countries worldwide.

– Internal audiences: all levels of employees specialise in engineering.

– External audiences: clients such as Shell, General Electric (GE), Samsung and BHP Billiton; shareholders and investors; potential employees including graduates and interns.

During my years working at Walterwakefield (2009-2012), with Robyn Wakefield, we worked closely with WorleyParsons’s executives and global marketing team in delivering solutions to improve both internal and external communication.

My tasks included developing concepts and designs for the company’s major print and digital publications, websites, advertising and employee value proposition, as well as creating visual system that was used by WorleyParsons’s marketing teams in 44 countries.


Corporate Profile (2012)

WorleyParsons Corporate Profile Infographics

WorleyParsons Corporate Profile Infographics

WorleyParsons Corporate Profile Infographics

WorleyParsons Corporate Profile Infographics

WorleyParsons Corporate Profile Infographics

What I have learnt about corporate communication

The years 2009-2012 was one of the most difficult periods for many companies, due to the market’s uncertainty and fluctuation in the aftermath of 2008 financial crisis.

Working with WorleyParsons gave me valuable insights on how brand responds to difficult situations and rebuilds trust with audiences at global scale using the power of visual communication.

Prior to 2009, as a blue-chip company, WorleyParons was always branded through a highly conceptual approach. Symbolic imagery was heavily used to position the company as the thinker/leader in the industry.

In response to the harsh economic environment in 2009, the company adopted a pragmatic approach to communicate with its audiences. This strategy resulted in the shift in the tone of voice and visual: capabilities, confidence and trust were heavily emphasised; the old beautiful symbolic imagery was replaced with bold images of industrial plant and projects.

With the company’s restructure in 2012, a mathematical, analytical visual approach was used to inform its customers and shareholders, as well as reinforcing its leadership in the industry. Infographics was created to demonstrate the company’s expertise and capability in the fields. See below Corporate Profile.

This period also saw WorleyParsons moving into digital space. Projects I have worked on included microsites, videos and e-magazines. See below EcoNomics microsite and 1500 Years of Celebration microsite.


EcoNomics microsite (2011)

WorleyParsons EcoNomics Microsite. Designed by Danling Xiao.

WorleyParsons EcoNomics Microsite


1500 Years Combined Company History microsite (2011)

WorleyParsons 1500 Years Combined Company History Microsite

WorleyParsons 1500 Years Combined Company History Microsite


Notes: All works above are copyrighted and owned by ©WorleyParsons. I was responsible for the design under the direction of Robyn Wakefield, Managing Director of Walterwakefield.

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