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The Flying Room Online Shop and Blog

The Flying Room is an online shop I co-founded with Hong Kong-based designer Sceroz Chan in 2012.

The Flying Room’s mission is to create an inspiring, imaginative world where everyone lives in endless creativity and possibilities.

My tasks

– Brand strategy and direction
– Logo design
– Presentation design
– Facebook Page design
PinkHunt contest brand activation
– E-commerce website design. Worked with a few local and overseas programmers on platforms including WordPress, Joomla and Shopify

– Code modification on Shopify template
– Facebook Page shop and blog tabs

Digital content creation
– Website labelling and copywriting
– In-depth writing about art exhibitions, artists and design trends

Digital marketing
– Understand Google Analytics
– Facebook advertising
– Facebook engagement

I am also responsible for managing the shop, including stock buying, accounting, customer service, public relations and everything else required to run a business.


The Flying Room Online Store Logo Design

The Flying Room Online Store Mission

Growing through experiences

From this project I’ve learnt that to succeed in running a business, it is essential to have persistence and passion in what you do, which is what we lack of for this project.

Although we failed, this experience is definitely a very valuable lesson for us.

At the beginning the shop was very well received. From the PinkHunt contest brand activation, we’ve gained exposure through local businesses and galleries. Only within a few months after we launched the shop, we were praised by a few major publications and were interviewed by Surface Asia magazine in Singapore.

What we have done back then was an MVP (minimal viable product) which was ready to be improved over time.

Because of other distractions, we didn’t put any effort into maintaining any part of the business except the blog as writing remains my passion. My articles about art and design have attracted a significant amount of traffic which could potentially be converted into sales.

If I had the resources to reactivate The Flying Room, there are many things I would like to do based on the data collected in the past two years, such as narrowing the product range, improving user experience based on user feedback and blogging more strategically.

I will share this learning experience, including obstacles in building The Flying Room website and crucial mistakes I have made in the very early stage, on The Journey That blog. I hope this article would be useful for people who are starting up their own businesses. If you are interested to learn more, subscribe to my newsletter to receive notice when the article is published.


The Flying Room website, built on a modified template on Shopify.

The Flying Room Website Design. Powered on Shopify.

The Flying Room Website Design. Powered on Shopify.

The Flying Room Website Design Product Page.

The Flying Room Website Design


The Flying Room blog
Below is the most-read and inquired blog article: The Most Beautiful Terrariums Roundup.

The Flying Room Blog. Written by Danling Xiao.

The Flying Room Blog. Written by Danling Xiao.


The Flying Room Facebook Page

The Flying Room Facebook Page

The Flying Room Facebook Page


The Flying Room PinkHunt contest brand activation

The Flying Room PinkHunt

The Flying Room PinkHunt

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