Sydney Your Say Branding Logo Design. Designed by Danling Xiao.

Sydney Your Say Rebrand and Website Redesign

If you must choose a workshop to go – workshop A is run by a robot. You and other humans have to sit straight and answer questions precisely. Workshop B is run by a bright and bubbly young lady. She cares about you and invites you to share your dreams with her. Workshop B is without doubt the one to go to, unless you are a robot too.
Sydney Your Say is in the transition of A to B (symbolically). The purposes of the rebrand is to:

1. state the aspiration that Sydney Your Say is for the future of Sydney;

2. raise awareness that anyone can contribute his/her opinions;

3. engage the community;

4. make Sydney Your Say marketable especially to younger audiences both online and offline.

what is Sydney Your Say?

A community engagement hub for residents, non-residents, business proprietors, stakeholders and general public to share ideas and feedback in order to help City of Sydney’s decision-making process.

Participation includes consultations at workshops and community meetings, stakeholder meetings, surveys, online and others.


Sydney Your Say Branding Logo Design

Sydney Your Say Branding Logo Design. Designed by Danling Xiao.

Sydney Your Say Branding

My tasks

1. Redesigned Sydney Your Say logo and created brand devices.

2. Redesigned Sydney Your Say website homepage and re-skined other pages with the new branding.

Design rationale

1. The brand should be communicable to the public; neutral, not overly stylised, to fit in the breadth and depth of the subject matters.

2. Speech bubbles used in the brand mark communicate what Sydney Your Say is about.

3. Primary colours and shapes of the speech bubbles create resemblance to balloons, giving lightheartedness to the brand image.

4. Tagline sums up the mission, prospect and call-to-action.


5. The ‘Have Your Say’ press ads, which could sometimes have very short turnaround time, are templated in minimal design to be used by designers and non-designers at the organisation.

Sydney Your Say Branding


6. On digital platforms and website, colours and curvy shapes are used to give lightheartedness to the brand image, making it joyful for users to participate.

Sydney Your Say Branding Twitter


7. The redesign of the website sees an improvement from the old website in terms of usability, brand image and marketability. Due to the restriction of the existing CMS, only the homepage was redesigned and the rest of the website was re-skined. I am hoping to see the whole website being improved over time based on user feedback, as it still shows poor user experience especially for important functions such as sign-in / sign-up and user comment.

Sydney Your Say Branding Website Redesign

Sydney Your Say Branding Website Redesign Grid

Sydney Your Say Branding Website Redesign Wireframe


Notes: Sydney Your Say is copyrighted and owned by ©City of Sydney. I was responsible for the design under the direction of Design Manager, Steve Howlett.

Sydney Your Say Rebrand and Website Redesign
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