Creative Food Art by Mundane Matters Instagram

Mundane Matters Instagram Photos

Years ago, for the HAPTIC exhibition, Kenya Hara invited designers and architects to design with senses. No sketching was allowed. The experiment created an exquisite collection of unusual pieces of designs that are still inspiring today.

Senses evoke memory, stimulate creativity, slow us down. It is sad to see that today we seem to tap on our screens too much and too fast that we forget to create using our senses.

This is why Mundane Matters exists. To force myself to practice using my senses. To encourage others to do the same.

Image making principles

1. No sketching is allowed.

2. Look, touch, deconstruct and reconstruct.

3. Experiment with anything mundane.

4. Everything should be created impromptu, effortlessly.

5. Write smart captions.

6. Do not think about the number of likes. Do not think about content promotion. Do not think about trends.

7. Think it as a meditation.

8. Make something everyday.

Instagram engagement experiment

The other purpose of running Mundane Matter is to gain a better understanding of Instagram engagement and user behaviours.

My previous Instagram account was a cacophony of everything, from fine art to my cat to rubbish on the streets. I had around 1500 followers, but only an average of 30 likes per photo over the late period before I closed the account.


Food Art by Mundane Matters Instagram

Creative food art selfie by Mundane Matters Instagram

I started Mundane Matters to find out how many of my followers were power users, who they were and how I can attract and engage more users on Instagram.
Out of the old account’s 1500 followers, only around 150 followed my new account. Most of these users are people whom I formed friendship with through Instagram. The ones who didn’t follow the new account are mostly inactive users, fake users and people who were only interested in seeing my beautiful white cat.
Keeping the posts surprising and entertaining consistently makes Mundane Matters a much more engaging account. The current number of followers is 337, but there are all real users whom I would like to share my photos with. From the 91 photos I’ve posted in the first 16 weeks, I’ve received a total of 5,337 likes and 504 comments. The most liked photo scored a total of 121 likes (as at September 2014) .

Creative Food Art by Mundane Matters Instagram

Creative Food Art by Mundane Matters Instagram


The mission for Mundane Matters is not to attract a huge number of followers but to share another perspective in life with people who are passionate about creativity. See more photos at

Creative Food Art Selfie by Mundane Matters Instagram

Creative Food Art by Mundane Matters Instagram

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