City of Sydney Global Sydney brochure. Designed by Danling Xiao.

Global Sydney

Global Sydney is part of the City of Sydney’s Sustainable 2030 vision. It positions the Sydney as Australia’s leading global city in below sectors:

– Creative industry
– Digital industry
– Economy
– Education
– Finance
– Sustainability
– Tourism

A series of brochures highlighting the City of Sydney’s strengths and attractions in these sectors is produced to promote Sydney at major trade fairs in China. Audiences include delegates and professionals from Asia, including China, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam.

The challenges

1. Although Sydney has a sound brand image overseas, its strength perceived by Asian audiences is mostly in tourism and education. Many other aspects of Sydney should be promoted effectively to show the city’s true potentials and competitiveness.

Although Asian countries are much more open to the Western world now, there is still resistance to foreign people and culture. To engage Asian audiences at trade fairs, the City of Sydney team needs to show inclusiveness and build trust.

2. The Global Sydney brochures are an important component in tackling the above problems. These brochures present strong statistics and researched-based information, supported by relevant, persuasive imagery that not only reflects a global city, but also establishes connection with the audiences.


Creative industry

City of Sydney Global Sydney brochure. Designed by Danling Xiao.


City of Sydney Global Sydney brochure

City of Sydney Global Sydney brochure

Design from an Asian audience’s perspective

1. Cognitive ease is essential in this piece of communication.

Research-based information and statistics is visually heavy and unexciting. To make the given contents more engaging, I sectionised the big piece of information with clear labeling, giving the contents a digestible system.

Infographics are used to present the contents. Considering the distraction audiences receive at trade fairs, big numbers, high rankings and significant facts are given prominence to draw attention.

Chinese translation is also put alongside the English information.

2. Strong imagery plays an important role in engaging Asian audiences.

Relevant, iconic imagery is used to consistently represent a Sydney that is energetic, confident, innovative and global.

Imagery of renowned landmarks, brands and people which Asian audiences are familiar with, is used to establish connection.

Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are the focus in these brochures. Photos of Nicole Kidman, Google office and Asian faces also contribute in resonating among Asian audiences.

On the other hand, these images are shot from a story-telling perspective which illustrates a unique and contemporary Sydney.






Digital Economy



International Education

City of Sydney Global Sydney brochure. Designed by Danling Xiao.

Economic Powerhouse

City of Sydney Global Sydney brochure

Environmental Sustainability


Financial Services


Notes: Global Sydney brochures are owned and copyrighted by ©City of Sydney. I was responsible for the design under the direction of Design Manager, Steve Howlett. Photos owned and copyrighted by various photographers.

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