General Assembly UX Design

15:15 Digital Gallery App UX Design

Can technology be used at art gallery and make the audiences’ journey more inspiring, exciting and interactive? Can this journey be more accessible to the public?

I imagine an art gallery that:

– is a immersive digital art and sound pop-up gallery

– is an enclosed space that only allows 15 entries at a time with 15 minutes per entry

– creates location-based social sharing experience

UX design process

I started the project with a broad user research to find out how people thought about their art viewing experiences, were there any dissatisfaction and whether or not my idea could essentially improve their experiences.


Interviews, online and offline surveys were used for the user research. Questions based on hypothesised personas covered demographics, CBD walking behaviours, gallery visiting behaviours, digital art viewing behaviours and activities on social media. This initial user research concluded four personas based on a sales funnel, from active art goers to city workers who are interested in new things but not necessary in art. Each persona addressed pain points that gave potential direction where this project, in terms of an minimal viable product (MVP), could be heading into.

UX design user research planning for General Assembly

UX Design user research questionnaire and sample survey

Personas for UX design user research

The initial find was that people preferred not to wait in the line to see art exhibition. This led to developing a booking system for the pop-up gallery.

Sharing the booking system idea with other people made me realise that although it could possibly solve the queueing problem, this app couldn’t offer anything unique for the actual viewing experience.

Revisiting the user research and thinking of my own art viewing experience, I found that very rarely (and sadly) my research participants discussed art with strangers at art exhibition, but they all had built friendships with people who had common interests via the Internet.

This made me think, how can we increase the chances for like-minded people to talk, share and inspire each other? Perhaps we can give some warmth to the person who breathes art next to us via social media?

My MVP solution

An app that enables audiences to interact anonymously, share thoughts and feelings, at the 15-minute session at the pop-up gallery.

The anonymity encourages open discussion. Users can express without any concerns of being known or judged.

Building of the gallery and the app will be commenced in the future. It will start with the most minimal requirements and refine the products through testing.


UX design card sorting and sitemap for General Assembly

UX design app wireframe sketches

UX design app sketches and wireframe for General Assembly

UX Design app wireframe for General Assembly


Final presentation

Note: this project is not for commercial use. Exhibition contents including images belong to James Turrell and photographers whom I admire, are used as DUMMY CONTENTS only to demonstrate the visual experience.

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